Closing Down...


Hello, welcome to 2024...  The last year of 2D6 Wargaming.

Thank you to my some 850+ customers that have made purchases and backed my kick starters over the last 5 years.  You really made a difference.

2D6 Wargaming will continue to take orders for the next few days but will then shut down. 

Current orders

All current orders and those placed in the next few days are guarenteed to be made up and dispatched.  If I can not for some reason dispatch an Item, I shall refund those parts of the order.

Resin products and books

Resin products will not be available in the store however if you make an order and email me I shall see if there is any in stock.  I have ran out of resin but some products are still in stock.

Some books are out of stock and I shall not be ordering new stock.  They are still available from wargames vault.

Cash flow

In September 2023, takings were down 75% and the following month also saw a 25% drop in sales.  Although these were just blips in sales they had a profound effect on the cash flow that was never made good.

This caused me to look at the books and make some decisions.  Combined with being the 5th year in trading it was a natural time to review the business as a whole.  Most business fail in the 3-5th year.  However, 2D6 has not failed.

If I was in a different economic state, say, in my 60s with a house paid off and looking at pensions and needed a top up,  2D6 Wargaming would be ideal.  Its not many hours a week and provides thousands of pounds a year.

It is not enough for a man in his early 40s with no house, no private pensions and no other income.  So I must make the clinical decision to sell the business.

There are a few ways you could run this business, you could contract out the casting and you could just pick the orders and post them.  This is how I originally started out.  It is a lot easier and less time consuming.  Alternatively you could do everything yourself.  For someone in the right financial position, there is a lot of fun and money to be made here.

The turn over for this business in the tax year 2021/23 was 18k.  This was a combination of web sales, sales, shows and kickstarter.  Typically this takes me about 15 hours a week and obviously if you have a show in that week that adds an extra day.


Please email me for any questions or offers.

I can offer you full advice and some after sales advice.

For sale

23 9-inch Spin casting master moulds
191 9-inch Spin casting production moulds
Mould rack with capacity for 250 9-inch moulds
X master resin drop cast moulds
x production resin drop cast moulds
Assorted Emu Wars T shirts
Assorted branded and emu war mugs
Stl files for all vehicles
Labelled sorting bins
1000s* of sticky die cut product labels (mostly ww2)
3000* of bag toppers (WW2/feudal japan/dark ages/generic/Rhodesian)
Paper and zip lock bags
Tissue paper
10,000* cardboard boxes
Retail stands x3 and assorted hooks
Perspex sign holders, assorted
Branded table cloth
Branded flags
Branded show banner
The "2D6 Wargaming" brand name
2D6 Wargaming shopify store and theme (Warehouse)
Schedule of settings for spin casting moulds
* means approx, you are welcome to come and count.
Unreleased products:
FJ-L1B Alternative ashigaru pikeman pose
B67 British Airborne weapon crew
B3X British Airborne HMG
B4X British Airborne 3 inch mortar
Horsa Glider Multipart model
6 pounder early, late and US 57mm anti-tank guns
Matilda II tank
Panzer IV G
King tiger
Emu War car
2D6 keyring
Soviet pontoon boats open and folded
5 Normandy WW2 buildings
£20,000 Open to offers

All equipment is electric, UK 230v single phase.
Nicem C-300 +pot, ladles and compressor  £7500
Nicem P-300 with 9"Nicem mould can  £7500

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