Battle of Crete Box Set

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 The army representation ratio is 1:1.   So 1 man is 1 man and 1 gun or tank is 1 tank.  This gives an understrength Battalion per side with complimentary assets to fight battles on Crete in 1941.


  • 2x Fallschirmjäger Infantry Companies
  • "Just Landed" Platoon
  • Fallschirmjäger drop canisters and chutes
  • 8 cm Fallschirmjäger Mortar Platoon
  • PAK 36 Platoon
  • 9x DFS 230 gliders


  • 2x Infantry Companies
  • 3 Inch Mortar platoon
  • 1x AALMG Platoon
  • 1x Bofors Platoon
  • 5x Light Tank Mk VIb Troop


  • 1x HAA Battery Emplacement
  • 250g of Basing sand 2.00


  • Battalion Core Rule Book



Fallschirmjäger Infantry Company (Two companies per box set)

  • G03 FJ Command strip x4
  • G04 FJ Signals Strip x1
  • G51 FJ Anti-tank Rifle strip x2
  • G12 FJ Rifles strip x12
  • G28 FJ Light Machinegun strip x12
  • G34 FJ Medium Machinegun x6

"Just Landed" Platoon

  • 9 Strips of G21 "Just landed" Fallschrimjaeger with 3 pistols and 1 MP40 in parachute harnesses.
Fallschirmjäger drop canisters and chutes
  • 9 Canisters with chutes, so your air-dropped Fallschirmjäger can arm up.

AALMG Platoon

  • 4 strips of G37 anti-aircraft light Machineguns

8 cm GrW 34 Mortar Platoon

  • 1x G03 Fallschirmjäger command strip
  • 1x G04 Fallschirmjäger signals strip
  • 4x G43 8 cm Mortars with crews

PAK 36 Platoon

  • 1x G03 Fallschirmjäger command strip
  • 1x G04 Fallschirmjäger signals strip
  • 4x Fallschirmjäger Mortcycle sidecar combo
  • 4x PAK 36 (deployed)

DFS 230 Glider geschwader

  • 9x DFS 230 glider


All British figures are dressed suitable for the Mediterranean and middle east (MME), which means short sleeves and shorts.

British Empire Infantry Company (Two companies per box set)

  • B01 Command Strip x4
  • B02 Signals Strip x1
  • B50 Boys Anti-Tank Rifle Strip x2
  • B11 Rifle Strip x9
  • B30 Light Machinegun 1 Strip x6
  • B31 Light Machinegun 2 strip x3

3 Inch Mortar platoon

  • 1x B01 British command strip
  • 1x B02 British signals strip
  • 4x B44 3-inch Mortars with crews

1x AALMG Platoon

  • 4x strips of B70 anti-aircraft light Machineguns

Bofors Platoon

  • 4x Bofors gun deployed
  • 4x Universal Carrier

Light Tank Mk VIb Troop

  • 5x Light tank Mk VIb

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