WW2 British North Africa 6mm/1:285 scale

Welcome to the new year.  I hope its going to get better than the last two.

Tomorrow, I hope to finally dispatch the last few Kickstarter rewards.  It has run over a little bit and its been quite a marathon.  It was a hell of a lot of product for me and my tiny workshop to produce.  I hope people appreciate all the effort.  Remember, if you are unhappy tell me, if you are happy then please tell everyone else.  I really look forward to seeing some of these armies finished and online.

Due to the bank holidays falling on the weekend, they have been moved to days after.  Therefore, Monday and Tuesday have been bank holidays here in England.  Therefore, I have not been able to use the post office for 3.5 days.  It is just one of those things.

Lastly, I need to order Battalion rule books for US customers.  Other customers have had their books sent with their miniatures.  The reason for this is that postage to the US is the most expensive and a hard back book weighs about 600 grams!  

I have released the British Mediterranean and North Africa Theatre infantry, universal carrier and the Light tank mark VIb.  There are some codes in there that were not released yet such as the PIAT.

I shall start adding the Fallschirmjäger, again there are further codes for these but these extra codes do not yet have production moulds.  It was not a priority to create these during the kickstarter as they were post 1941 equipment.  When I get two minutes spare, I shall make them and release them.

I am currently loosing track of what is to be released and what is released.  There's lots more to come but please, do not wait!  Get your orders in.  2D6 Wargaming is a very cash strapped business.  After nearly 3 years it is about to turn to the corner but like all fledgling businesses its very dependant on sales.

Thank everyone for their support in the past and the present.

Happy new year.

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