All 2D6 Wargaming miniatures are true 1:285 scale, commonly referred to as 6mm.

Yes, everything is cast in house from metal to resin products. 

Here are just some of the benefits of 6mm.

Easier to paint.
Not only is it easier to paint it also uses less paint!

More poses.
To copy a figure to fill a strip of infantry costs about the same in materials and labour as just having the others sculpted in the first place.

Therefore, at least here at 2D6 Wargaming, you will find we have many many more unique poses than other scales.

More realistic representation.
Traditionally in wargaming each figure or tank or gun, represents several. In 6mm this number is much lower than in other scales and so you can get a truer representation of a battle, which leads me to the next point!

Bigger battles.
You can field a much bigger force in 6mm and have truely epic battles that look like real conflicts rather than a bun fight in a pub car park. Hundreds of figures is easily achievable for the same time, effort and money as larger scales.

2D6 Wargaming models work best with... 2D6 wargaming models... They are designed that way!  As already stated they are 285 scale, no matter what you buy from us, it should all have good detail and uniformity. I can't say the same for other manufacturers that have been around for decades and had several sculptors create different pieces.

There seem to be two main scales in the 6mm size of wargaming. 1/285 and 1/300 scale respectively used by the US armed forces and NATO. There is very little difference along the length of a real 6 metre long tank. It is about 1mm on the model.

Some other manufactures have chosen to associate Z scale with 6mm. Z scale is a gauge of model trains. Much like wargamers use terms like 6mm, 20mm etc... Train enthusiasts use terms like HO, OO etc. Z scale is usually defined as 1/220.

The train scale closest to 6mm is "ZZ" scale which is 1/300. A rare and limited scale used by Japanese model railway enthusiasts.

Then of course there are the proportions of the figures. Some are slender, some are barrel-chested. Some manufactures make quite stiff poses... Ultimately, where do you want to draw the line? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

I cant decide what's important for you. If you like what you see here, why don't you just buy a few samples and find out for yourself? I often get emails telling me that a customer has just received their order and was very impressed and will be coming back. That the pictures on the site didn't do them justice etc.  So, what else are you going to spend that money on anyway? Just give us a try, if you don't like them...  at least you know and can stop wondering.  Life is too short for regrets.

You can also pop on over to our customer reviews page to see what customers have to say about our miniatures.

The truth is, it's much easier to paint than larger scales! You might paint a 15 or 28mm model with ease but lets face it, a 1/4 scale bust of a historic figure would be beyond most wargamers. Smaller is easier, smaller is less work.

If you can paint 15 or 28mm figures to a very average standard, you can paint great 6mm!

You just need to use much lighter colours than usual due tot he scale effect where smaller items look darker in the same shades.

Pastel tones work very well, simply paint uniform, hands and faces, weapon etc in very simple terms then apply a brown wash and viola, magic! For brighter periods, touch up or highlight bright colours and you are finished.

Shipping & ordering 📦

It depends on where you are.

Although I have some castings in stock, given enough orders something eventually has to be cast! I also work through orders in order number so first come, first served.

Waiting in the queue and getting your order cast can take between 3 and 10 working days!

Then your order will be dispatched. From here, it is out of my hands.

UK orders will take 1-4 business days to arrive. International deliveries, are always tracked, and can take anywhere from 7-16 days.

Delivery details will be provided in a confirmation email.

Tracking information for international orders will come in a further email.

Postal rates for sending items abroad are not just set by the Royal Mail but also by the recipient countries. The USPS has decided they need a lot more money to receive packages from abroad than other countries. Why? - I don't know. For what ever reason, the USPS has opted out of something called the small packet agreement.

However, it is not much more than sending items to the EU, Australia or Canada for example. I do not set the postal rates, I simply pass them on to the customer like any other mail order business.

The European Union charge duties and taxes on imports from non EU countries.

Death and taxes are unavoidable and so you are left with two choices.

You can buy 2D6 Wargaming products from Masters of Military in Germany and not pay any import taxes or, you can order directly from 2D6 Wargaming but you will likely attract additional charges at customs. Your choice!

Please also read the VAT section further down the FAQ.

I ship to these countries in the same way as the US and EU. Tracked international postage. Custom fees may apply.

Orders are taken between 2 and 3 times a week the post office.

The Royal Mail is one of the oldest and most reliable postal services in the world. 

If you see your order marked as "fulfilled" in an email, that means I am picking it, packing and or taking it to the post office. In short, its actively on its way!

Postage and packaging (P&P) fees are not just about postage, it involves everything to do with packing, packaging and posting your order.

Boxes and pens, tape and labour and postage fees,  everything that helps your order get out the door to the post office.

If you are in the UK, generally your order is not tracked. It will be dispatched using a "signed for" service over a certain threshold. 

However, if you are anywhere else in the world your order will always be tracked and you should receive an email notification with a link so you can track your order's journey, This will not come in your first dispatch email as tracking is entered manually after dispatch.

No, simply because we do no charge VAT.

In a nut shell, only businesses that have a turnover over £85,000 charge VAT in the UK.

2D6 Wargaming turnover is much much less than that but one day, maybe I can.

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