Post Joy of Six

The highs of the Joy of Six are now over and following that great day, I am looking at getting into other shows. How where and when I shall have to keep you posted but if you have any suggestions? Let me know.

It was great to see so many of you and to put faces to names I have seen in the order queue. Some of you told me what you had been doing with 2D6 stuff and I was impressed. Well done and keep it up.


Packs, love them or hate them, most companies do them.  While I appreciate that for every wargamer there is a choice of 10 rule sets with their own basing mandates. Somehow as a manufacturer I have to bundle things and offer an incentive to you, the customer. These packs will never suit everyone. Hopefully they suit most people.

Being myself a 6mm wargamer, I know the grumbles from the trenches about certain pack sizes. I have tried to reinvent the wheel! So obviously, I'm now going to open up a new set of grumbles from the trenches. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Firstly there is cost. Boxes, bags and labels all cost and don't forget labour.  Hence the bigger the package, the more its worthy of a discount. So just bear that in mind. This is why, if you order from the web shop and purchase packs you usually do not get them packaged as a pack.  This is to cut down on postage costs that I pass directly to customers. If you really want them packaged as a gift for some one I can accommodate.

Packs allow me to take stock to shows in a manner that customers can piece together armies with little or no research and feel confident they are not making huge mistakes and wasting their money. They also allow me to do more talking and less order picking and counting than if I had taken drawers on drawers of single items.

So here is what I have envisaged and what I am intending to do;
(All prices correct as of 14/07/2022)



This period will follow one of two veins, historical or non-historical. 

A reinforcement pack will contain 6 tanks or vehicles and will be a non-historical in content and come in bags. Price per vehicle shall be discounted to £1 each piece. A saving of 16%.

A Platoon Pack will contain less than 6, typically 4 vehicles. I have done these vehicles out of sympathy that you might want to field these as platoons rather than buy 6. This is a compromises on the six pack but is still discounted the same.

A company pack will contain the correct number as would a company of that type. In the case of infantry these are 8 man sections (squads) as nearly all sections during would be under strength anyway. If you wish to purchase extra riflemen to get them to paper strength you are welcome. Company packs price strips at 45 pence each and tanks at a pound each, which is 10% saving on infantry and a 20% saving on tanks!


Currently this means dark ages and feudal Japan. Something a little different needed to be done here as the quantities required are different from WW2.  Reinforcement style 12 pack contains 12 of the same strip priced at 45 pence each. A 10% saving on buying individual strips.

Command packs contain lots of pieces that you would need for command and control and a good pick if you don't like the composition of my army packs.  Which by the way if you do purchase an army pack and email me and let me know that you want any strip changing for any strip, is perfectly fine and I can accommodate this.

Army packs are 100 or 101 strips priced at 40 pence each!  Which is a 20% saving!

New Packs Out Now

I am acting on ideas and requests some of you mentioned. I am really sorry I could not bring more products especially the samurai stuff. Basically to kit out all the products I have with a suitable label would have cost several thousand, as the labels need to be purchased in sufficient quantities. I shall endeavour to get more products labelled up and retail ready for you all as time goes on. In fact I created, ordered and purchased 5 more product labels the day after the show and 3/5ths of them were for samurai.  Hopefully I can get a few more each month.

As requested and which really should have been done before, I have organised the new British Empire troops into a company pack, also the Fallschirmjäger and the Soviet Naval Infantry. I plan to do a late war company pack for the Fallschirmjäger too. So please feel free to check them out and see if I've made any mistakes.

British Empire Company

Fallschirmjäger Infantry Company

Soviet Naval Infantry



Long ago, before the age of reason... When the first Viking and Anglo-Saxon figures were first laid down in their moulds... A new army was seen wondering the sculpting table... Across the channel of water.

Soon would be there time to adorn many battlefields but then the dark ages range flopped and they were left in a set of padded cases and left on a shelf for years.

Way back when these were made, moulding and casting were done out of house and was costly. So it made no sense to put ££££ into finishing them in light of how the dark ages range was performing.

However, It makes sense to finally spend a tiny bit more and a bit of time and effort to finally finish these. I know a select few people will really be looking forward to this and you really are looking this is getting finished off now. When they will be finished, I'm not sure probably a month or maybe two.

Ladies and Gentlemen... The Normans.


Norman- Mounted
(Code N-M)


 Norman- Mounted Standard
(Code N-MS)

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Rick Cundiff

Rick Cundiff

Great. Ideas for the packs! I really like the Volksturm pack you highlighted. Good mix of figs, no one else does it. Be advised, sometimes there are odd mixes in units though. For instance, the mix of SU-76s and SU-122s in Companies in 1943. Keep up the good work.
P.S. Mark Luther is a close friend, and has given me some of your figs.

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