Summer 2021


Its been a great past few weeks here at 2D6 HQ.  The new tanks have been well recieved and I have launched my Battalion ruleset.  Things are picking up and this all bodes very well for more models!

Im in a bit of a catch 22 situation with the forthcoming workshop being prepared and keeping up stock from the casters, which I shall soon take over from.  So far only a couple of orders have been affected.  So please continue to order with confidence.

Sadley, I have temporarily stopped dipatching orders to the EU.  This may change later in the year.  However, if you are an EU customer, you can get 2D6 Wargaming products via masters of military in Germany.  This is the best solution right now for EU customers and should save you from a price increase.  If he doesnt have what you please email him and ask him to stock it!

So whats coming up?


Norman cavalry is under the knife to finish off the range.  Hopefully this comes out later this year.

The Tiger, Panzer IV G and H are being rewordked after failing quality control post printing.

Some more samurai additions are in the information gathering stage, this will be Daimyo and a new cavalry type.

A large, (as large as my Samurai Kickstarter), WW2 Kickstarter is coming to a head with the last sculpts being made now


Heres about 25% of the forth coming Kickstarter.  There are a few new vehicles for it too and some guns.  Also we delve into our first aircraft.

Something for the British!

Something for the Germans and the Russians.

As always, lots more to come.  Thank you for your custom, you are all helping to build this company up.





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