Update 16/11/2023

Hi everyone. 

Just a quick update. Hope everyone is prepared for 2024; it's approaching, whether we're ready for it or not!


I apologize for the slight delay in processing your orders recently. Over the past month, I faced health challenges, exacerbated by the harsh cold in the unheated workshop. Managing a substantial wholesale order to Germany added to the workload, but I'm pleased to report that it has been successfully fulfilled.

In addition to these challenges, I've been dedicating time to studying and completing online courses, further limiting my availability. The ongoing sale this month has led to a surge in orders, surpassing our usual volume. Despite these demanding circumstances, I am committed to ensuring that all orders are fulfilled promptly. Your understanding and patience during this busy period are greatly appreciated.

I shall have to work the weekend!

I'm currently immersed in research for an upcoming project, and there's something exciting in the works. While I can't reveal the specifics just yet, I promise you'll be in the know soon.

Considering a return to my previous industry to enhance my earnings, I find myself at a juncture that feels almost like retirement, despite being only 40. If I were in the early stages of retirement, seeking a part-time venture to supplement my pension, this opportunity would be ideal.

Contemplating whether to utilize a casting service for miniatures while handling the pick-and-pack aspect, or possibly selling the business altogether, remains a decision I'm mulling over. Time will tell, and if you find this prospect intriguing, feel free to reach out. Serious inquiries are welcome.


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