(3rd Edition 2017)

Banzai is a wargame rules system focused on the feudal Japanese era (Sengoku Jidai) for the 6mm size of wargaming.


  •     Incredible period style artwork
  •     Authentic period tactics explained
  •     Realistic command and control
  •     Fast yet detailed system
  •     8 unique clans and 1 rebellious religious movement
  •     Make your own clan system
  •     Supports 3, 6 and 10mm size miniatures

Charge your samurai headlong into your opponents' formation and carve your path to Kyoto to proclaim yourself shogun!


Whats new to 3rd Edition?

  • Corrected Spelling.
  • Correct Grammer and Enhanced Explanations.
  • Clarified Some Rules.
  • Added More Rules.
  • Added Images to Rules.
  • Added Relevant Tables to Each Section.
  • Enhanced Historical Notation.
  • Included Community Photographs of Miniatures.
  • Competition winners announced and prizes have been sent.
  • New Troop Type - Mounted Samurai (Non-General).
  • Altered army generators to include the new unit, meaning a slight increase in cavalry units in overall army percentage.
  • Added Create Your Own Samurai Clan Generator!
  • Random generator tables to create your own clan, including starting units, daimyo character, religion and culture, zeal, arms and armour, and finally; tactics!
  • Enhanced Ikko-ikki Army List.  Shrines now play an important part in this army.
  • Added Tutorial, Samurai and Ikko-ikki Scenario with Images.

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