Battalion Core Rules

A complete toolbox for simulating battalion level world war 2 era tabletop battles.  Rules for virtually any instance you wish to wargame and some you never even thought of.


  • 1:1 representation of figures and vehicles
  • what you see is what you get system
  • fast and detailed system
  • Overlapping fields of fire
  • lots of optional rules to suit any scenario
  • environmental factors
  • realistic armour, artillery and air units for true combined arms
  • designed for 285 scale models (6mm)

A system modelled on history, not a history flavoured system!


Enhanced Quick Play Sheet PDF:
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Quick Play Sheet PDF:
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Unit Stats in PDF List Format:
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Where can I buy Battalion?
You can buy from the 2D6 Wargaming web store here:

You can also buy Battalion from wargames vault, printed on demand and dispatched from either the UK or USA, which ever is more cost effective for you.