UPDATE: 01/06/2020

Covid 19 has cancelled all the bloody shows!  Bah!  I was really looking forward to standing at some shows this year and showing people my fine models and meeting some of you.  The photos on here do not do them justice!  Which is something I am working on.


The Anglo-Saxon and Viking modesl have survived the master moulding process and been proved worthy.  This means we are only 4 to 6 weeks away from having the prodcution models in our hands!

With this in mind I have opened up pre-ordering!

A set of rules to go with them is in the works, using a base size of 40x20mm and the buildings found in the Dark Ages section.  This is likely to take some time and will be built upon simular mechanics found in my Banzai rules.

FAQ about this range:
Q).  Will these miniatures be compatable with my other dark ages stuff from another manufacturer?
A). I dont know.  We didnt design them to be.  So if they do, its by chance.  2D6 Wargaming began to make 285 scale model vehicles.  So I simply scaled the figures to compliment them. 

Throughout history, people have been much shorter than today.  However, I cant make each range the average height for that era...  So an Average height was chosen for all figures.  This is the 2D6 Wargaming figure height.  You can purchase seperate strips so the best thing to do is get some samples.


Fuedal Japan

 Work is continung on sculpts for a feudal Japanese range.  The buildings are already available and more are on the way.

These will likely arrive in two waves. 


World War 2

Very soon we shall the arrival of 3 new soviet infantry strips.  2 Assault sapper and one political strip.

Digital sculpting of more WW2 goodies is taking place, stuff done includes:

T34/76 M1942
Universal Carrier

Things planned very soon:
German infantry
T34/85 M1943
T34/85 M1944