UPDATE 15/12/2020

I spoke too soon...  The Christmas crush seems to be well and truley upon the Royal mail.  Some people are getting orders in 3-5 days and others are waiting 10 working days!  Not a lot I can do about this.  Sorry for any delays.


UPDATE: 11/12/2020


Merry Christmas everyone!  Thanks to everyone who made purchases this year that helped us to bring more models to you in the best scale!  -6mm!


Rest assured the web shop is open for any orders no matter how late into December we get.  The post is flowing pretty well.  USA, expect 2 weeks.  UK expect 3 to 5 working days.  EU expect 5 to 10 working days.  This is the current flow rate I am experiencing.

Please understand there are bottlenecks in some stages of our production, hence we are continuing to produce even though things still have not been released. 


Samurai Kickstarter production moulds are in progress.  No ETA in site yet.  Very much on schedule to deliver on time!  No problems in casting or production that we can find.  It all looks very problem free.


Expect a Norman kickstarter to be lauched in February!  Hot on the heels of the Samurai KS forfillment.  All foot troops have been made.  We are waiting on horse dollies to make the cavalry.


WW2 additions are nearly sculpted to compleation.  HMG for the Russians, both regular and sailor variants.  These will have a seperate observer figure much like the new German MMG.





UPDATE: 29/11/2020

Lots of behind the scenes tweaking is taking place, not that you would notice.  We are endevouring to improve the web shop and product grouping over December.  This is a long term project and mostly administerial.  Keep your eyes out for more packs in the shop!


The Normans are progressing nicely.



As are a few extra world war two bits.



Of course the samurai KS is on our minds.  We eagerly await the painstaking process of the moulds being cut and hundreds of spins, followed by packing hundreds of strips and sending them world wide.


Also, rules are being further enhanced and at least one is nearing the layout phase! 


UPDATE: 22/11/2020

Although the kickstarter has funded, the moulds and spins have been ordered, I am waiting for the funds to reach me from kickstarter and Im waiting for the work to be done.  There is nothing more I can do but wait.  This is perfectly normal.  Although, its a little frustrating not to be doing something.


The Norman sculptures have been comissioned and are progessing well.  We have outlined the troop types we need and organised them into strips for manufacturing.  This has included the sculpture of a medium European horse.


Some extra WW2 bit have also been comissioned.  For the Germans; panzerfaust, 81 and 120mm mortars.  For the Russians; maxim HMG.

T34/85 is about to be printed and will probably catch up with the Pnazer 4 series releases.  Still no release date on those, possibly around March 2021 is a good bet.


UPDATE: 03/11/2020

The samurai army is growing, the Kickstarter has funded and we are smashing stretchgoal targets so fast we cant keep up with the news or the images!


Thank you to all who have backed so far!  For those who have not, get on board!  It really helps 2D6 Wargaming create more! - As all profit goes straight back into making more models.  I dont make a penny!


Panzer IV tanks have been printed, they look amazing.  Slight quality issue on the Ausf E version, so its back to the drawing board on that one.  This happens sometimes but we dont let any old thing slip out the door with a 2D6 Wargaming logo on it!



The SU series based on the T34 chassis have been mastered in tin, passed quality control and production has been ordered.  We should be seeing this early next year after the WW2 German infantry release.











UPDATE: 22/10/20

Samurai Kick Starter INBOUND!



More details to come!  For now, savour these ashigaru captains:



UPDATE: 12/10/2020


2D6 Wargaming Painting Competition Winners!
1ST PLACE - Benno de Groot
2ND PLACE - Bill Moreno
3RD PLACE - Brian Smith
Thanks to everyone who took part. Prizes will be sent out via email within the next five days.

UPDATE: 02/10/2020


CAD work is complete for Panzer IV E, F1, F2, G and H.  This is the full range of panzer planned for 2020.  Its possible more panzer IV could be developed in the future.  Next up is printing, master mould and finally production.


ww2 German Infantry has survived the master moulding process and proven castable!  Production moulds are in the works.  Release date unknown.

Cavalry strips are underway aswell as a cannon strip, which will see the completion of the core of an epic feudal japanese series of miniatures.  Next year, dependant on sales could see the expansion of this range with customer requests and personality figures.


UPDATE: 05/09/2020


The German Infantry greens are finished, next step is to make a master mould from which suitable for casting and any corrections can be made.



UPDATE: 14/08/2020



Dark Ages and Panther A orders


All stock arrived today, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and the new Soviet strips).  I have taken samples from each pack to check for castings probelm and can not find any, so they are clear for dispatch!

I will be packing all orders today and over the weekend and getting them out to the post office.  They are on the way!



UPDATE: 08/08/2020


Dark Ages and Panther A orders.

Work continues cutting moulds and spinning the new moulds. Sadly this has taken much longer than anticipated (even using the Scotty (Star Trek) method of estimation (times 1.5)). 


Along with these new releases were requested more stock of existing lines. Some of these lines, despite the large inventory I keep, have been depleted and customers are now waiting. I had requested these transported with the new line's stock to save on transport costs. However, on Friday I asked if the new moulds stock would not be ready and with me next week to send the restock order on its own... So hopefully if you have ordered Panther A and your order is waiting, it should be on its way next week.


Please bear with us, this is not the usual service.


Sculpting WW2 German Infantry has begun. Please appreciate these are WIPs (works in progress).



SAMURAI (and Ashigaru)

All samurai and ashigaru (on foot) were sent to away to cast masters.  So we should be seeing them in the Tin shortly.  These are a release planned for the end of 2020.



UPDATE: 19/07/2020



We are very close to receiving the Vikings/Anglo-Saxons and some Soviet infantry strips. Hopefully, not much longer! It is 16 moulds in total to be cut before the spinning can begin!



CAD work continues on WW2 vehicles and hopefully, in a couple of months, we should have some more releases.  Resources are being compiled to produce new vehicles and German infantry.



The old Mura miniatures should see new releases at the end of this month with the return of the walls, completely digitally re-mastered and cast in resin. Also, the shrine, temple and a large commercial building will be coming a little later this year.


UPDATE: 01/06/2020

Covid 19 has cancelled all the bloody shows!  Bah!  I was really looking forward to standing at some shows this year and showing people my fine models and meeting some of you.  The photos on here do not do them justice!  Which is something I am working on.


The Anglo-Saxon and Viking modesl have survived the master moulding process and been proved worthy.  This means we are only 4 to 6 weeks away from having the prodcution models in our hands!

With this in mind I have opened up pre-ordering!

A set of rules to go with them is in the works, using a base size of 40x20mm and the buildings found in the Dark Ages section.  This is likely to take some time and will be built upon simular mechanics found in my Banzai rules.

FAQ about this range:
Q).  Will these miniatures be compatable with my other dark ages stuff from another manufacturer?
A). I dont know.  We didnt design them to be.  So if they do, its by chance.  2D6 Wargaming began to make 285 scale model vehicles.  So I simply scaled the figures to compliment them. 

Throughout history, people have been much shorter than today.  However, I cant make each range the average height for that era...  So an Average height was chosen for all figures.  This is the 2D6 Wargaming figure height.  You can purchase seperate strips so the best thing to do is get some samples.


Fuedal Japan

 Work is continung on sculpts for a feudal Japanese range.  The buildings are already available and more are on the way.

These will likely arrive in two waves. 


World War 2

Very soon we shall the arrival of 3 new soviet infantry strips.  2 Assault sapper and one political strip.

Digital sculpting of more WW2 goodies is taking place, stuff done includes:

T34/76 M1942
Universal Carrier

Things planned very soon:
German infantry
T34/85 M1943
T34/85 M1944

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