Since the UK left the EU on January 1st 2021, it has become more expensive for EU citizens to order from UK based businesses like 2D6 Wargaming. Although we can't change this, we certainly do understand how you feel. 

We hope to offer you some more information and alternatives on this page:

First of all: Buying 6mm miniatures from 2D6 Wargaming is still cheap!
A bit of a controversial statement you don't hear very often yet true! Despite the current situation it's still relatively cheap to collect an army in 6mm/1:285 scale compared to 15mm or 28mm.

Let's say you and your mate are going to buy a German and Soviet army for a WW2 wargame. Look at this example:
 2D6 Wargaming*
6mm/1:285 scale
Flames of War
German army
- 10 x Panther tanks
- 5 x Tiger tanks
- 10 x Panzer IVs
- 1 x German infantry company

Soviet army
- 21 x T34s
- 5 x SU85s tank killers
- 1 x Russian rifle company

VAT + handling charges (+/- 30%)






*These 2D6 Wargaming prices in euros depend on the currency exchange rate and can be different at the time of ordering. The additional fees are set by individual EU countries and include VAT and handling fees. Please make your own calculation of the total costs before ordering to prevent any surprises.

You'll see in this example that if you look past the 30 euros in additional fees (although they are painful) you see that it's still much, much more cheaper to buy 2D6 Wargaming miniatures. That's a whole lot of money you can spend on other things!

So if you want more bang for your euros (and more epic looking wargames)... buy 2D6!

  • Do you ship to the EU?
    Yes, we do ship to the EU but keep in mind that each EU country charges additional fees for receiving items from the UK. These fees are set individually by each EU country and can range from only a dozen to a few dozen euros or more. Not that much in the grand scheme of things!

  • EU alternative for buying 2D6 Wargaming miniatures
    Don't feel like ordering from the UK for whatever reason you might have? Good news! Since 2021 we have an EU stockist: Masters of Military. This is a webshop located in Germany that stocks a selection of our products. If you'd like to buy something he doesn't have in stock, for example rulebooks or other miniatures, please contact them so they can order it for you.

  • Order directly from 2D6 Wargaming
    You can also order directly from 2D6 Wargaming, just make sure you set a little money aside for those pesky additional fees you might get charged when you receive the package. Then you're all fine!

  • Can you take VAT off my order?
    No, simply because we do no charge VAT. In a nut shell, only businesses that have a turnover over £85,000 charge VAT in the UK. As of now 2D6 Wargaming is too small to generate such a turnover.

  • Share your experiences ordering from 2D6 Wargaming
    Please let us know your experiences when you order directly from 2D6 Wargaming, so we can update this page accordingly.

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