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Due to the insertion method of paratroopers and the high likeliness of disorganisation and separation, the US opted to place their support firepower into their platoons, rather than at higher levels.  This means American airborne squads were large 12-man squads armed to the teeth.  Each company has its support integrated!  (This means there is no support company in a regiment.)

This pack gives you everything you need to represent a company at practically 1:1 representation.

United States Airborne Infantry Company comprises the following strips;

  • A03 US Airborne Command x4
  • A04 US Airborne Signals x1
  • A12 US Airborne Rifle x12
  • A31 US Airborne Light machinegun x6
  • A55 US Airborne Bazooka x4
  • A43  US Airborne 60mm mortar x3

The company comprises of 1 CHQ with a sniper and bazooka team and 3 PHQ with a bazooka team each.  Each platoon consists of 2 squads each with 12 men and 1 mortar team. 

So in total, 6 infantry squads and 3 mortar teams.

For the 1944 squad, do not use BAR but only browning LMG.  Post Dec 1944, squads contain BAR and browning LMG.  Pack contains enough weapons to make either order of battle.

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