HAA Battery Field Fortification

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A generic battery emplacement for large artillery suitable for world war 2 or moderns. Left rather plain so the end user can decorate and furnish as desired.  Suitable for temperate, desert or snowy landscapes.

Has 4 large pits with an internal diameter of 25mm.  5 smaller pits with a diameter of 12mm which can be used for dice, AA guns or ammunition storage.

Made from a single piece of resin.  Approx 210mm long, 150mm wide.

Supplied unpainted.  Cast to order which delays dispatch time(about 1 week if busy).  Note the image marked prototype is slightly different than the sold product but more or less the same.


Battery Field Fortification Suggested Instructions:

This model has been designed to not require flocking and comes with a textured surface which lends itself very well to dry brushing. The use of adhesives and glues over a large area, for example flocking, is not recommended and my cause lifting of the corners. The following are suggested methods:


It is recommended you undercoat the whole piece with an automotive aersol primer, grey works best. The following colour guides use Vallejo acrylic paint.


All flooring should be painted a timber colour such as yellow ochre, horrizontal shuttering should be painted a very dark grey such as German grey. Sandbags can be painted bone white. Then give all of these pieces a brown wash liberally.

For temperate:

Paint the ground burnt umber, then dry-brush either desert yellow or green-brown. Finally dry-brush lightly with dark flesh, also apply this to the interiors as transferred mud. Apply a matte aerosol varnish at this stage for further durability.

Water down PVA 1:1 with water by volume and apply to the earth and apply static grass as desired. Further garnish with tufts and or clump foliage.

For desert:

Paint your desired desert colour. Apply a matte aerosol varnish at this stage for further durability. Add clump foliage and or tufts and or very small stones.

For Winter:

Paint the earthen areas white. Winter (white) or dead (straw coloured) static grass can be added here using the method above. Apply a matte aerosol varnish at this stage for further durability. Add dead foliage and or tufts and dry brush them white. A white aerosol can be sprayed sparing from above to create a snow effect but remember, a little is a lot!


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