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A British Empire paratrooper company in dress appropriate for Normandy, Netherlands, Battle of the Bulge, Germany, Norway, and Palestine in battle configuration, ie no rucksacks.

The British Paratrooper company had fewer men than regular rifle companies but much more firepower as their support platoon weaponry was in their rifle sections.  Each platoon had an extra Bren gun in the PHQ.  The platoon overall has Sten guns galore with up to 11 per platoon. 1 Anti-tank weapon per platoon.  

Each section had a marksmen with a scoped Enfield and a mortarman with 2 inch mortar as well as the typical Bren gun and rifle group.  One strip of B12 and B32 creates a section.

Flamethrowers were mission specific and deployed on a case by case basis.


One company HQ, 3 platoon HQ leading 3 sections each for a total of 9 sections.  Each section contained 10 men.

  • B03 Para Command x4
  • B04 Para Signals x1
  • B08 Para Messenger x1
  • B12 Para rifle x9
  • B32 Para LMG x9
  • B55 Para AT and flamethrower x1
  • BDC Para Drop Canisters w/Chutes 3 pack x3 (9 chutes and canisters total)

6mm or 1:285th Scale

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