Anglo-Saxon Army PACK

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100 Anglo-Saxon strips + 1 Anglo-Saxon king strip.

25 strips of AS-L1 Light Infantry
25 strips of AS-L2 Medium Infantry
20 strips of AS-L2B Sword Infantry
20 strips of AS-A Archers
06 strips of AS-H Huscarls
04 strips of AS-L Leaders
01 strips of AS-R Kings (Only available in the army pack)

Each strip contains 4 figures.  This army pack, therefore, contains 404 figures.


  • Alfred the Great  (sword pointing up and carrying a shield.)
  • Harold Godwinson (holding a hawk.)
  • King Cnut (sword at 45 degrees.)
  • King Athelstan (pointing.)


1:285/6mm scale.

Sculpted by Gero.


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