Ger Inf Fallschirmjäger Infantry Company (Late) PACK

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Fallschirmjäger infantry company suitable for post airborne operations or after 1941.  Such as the Eastern front, Italy and North West Europe.

Company HQ, 3 platoon HQ each with 4 sections and an AT weapon.  Each section is made up of a rifle and LMG strip.  Backed up with 6 MMG.

Pack Contents:
  • G03 FJ Command strip x4
  • G55 FJ Panzerschreck strip x2
  • G12 FJ Rifles strip x12
  • G28 FJ Light Machinegun strip x8
  • G29 FJ Light Machinegun strip x4
  • G34 FJ Medium Machinegun x6

(please note the product label pictured shows a signal strip that is not currently produced.  This pack is discounted to reflect this.  It is intended that this strip be added later and the price increased to reflect this.)

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