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Feudal Japanese army pack suitable starting point for 1 player using the rules Banzai:  Age of the country at war.  Extra packs can be added increase its size.


100 Strips Total

Line Infantry  (4 figures per strip)
  • FJ-L1 Ashigaru Line (pike) x25
  • FJ-L2 Samurai Line (spear) x6
  • FJ-L3 Monk Line (naginata) x2
  • FJ-C1 Ashigaru Captains x3
  • FJ-C2 Samurai Captains x3
  • FJ-Re Samurai Retainers x6
  • FJ-S1 Ashigaru Standard Bearers x5
  • FJ-S3 Monk Standard Bearers x2

Archers  (4 figures per strip)

  • FJ-A1 Ashigaru Archers x12
  • FJ-A3 Monk Archers x2

Gunners  (4 figures per strip)

  • FJ-G1 Ashigaru Gunners x6
  • FJ-G2 Samurai Gunners x6
  • FJ-G3 Monk Gunners x2

Artillery  (3 figures and 1 cannon per strip)

  • FJ-K Cannon x3

Mounted  (2 figures per strip)

  • FJ-M2 Mounted Samurai x6
  • FJ-M2C Mounted Samurai Captains x2
  • FJ-M3 Mounted Monks x2
  • FJ-MM Mounted Messengers x3

Miscellaneous  (4 figures per strip)

  • FJ-Mu Musicians x4

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