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The French Foreign Legion fought for the axis and the allies.  The allied units retained their uniform as much as possible whereas their axis comrades took on German uniform.

The following text describes the allied units of the Legion, as these models suit them better.

The 13e Demi-Brigade de Légion Étrangère (13e DBLE) was formed for service in Norway. Briefly returning to France for a last action, the unit then headed to Scotland.

When the French signed the armistice with Germany on the 20th of June 1940 the 13th Demi Brigade was in the United Kingdom.  Consisting of 3 combat units and 1 support

Aswell as fighting in Dakar, the 13th took part in the East African Campaign in Abyssinia and the Syria-Lebanon Campaign.

The 13th then fought in the North Africa Campaign, with their most notable action being at Bir Hakiem in 1942.  They also played a part in the 2nd battle of El Alamein.

Interestingly, the Legion fought themselves in North Africa and although they did not shy away from fighting old comrades, after the battle casualties of both sides were looked after.

These figures provide a very interesting addition to an army with a unique appearance and distinguished combat record.


Could also be used for pre-world war 2, cold war period or as South American paramilitaries.

Consists of:

  • F01 Command Strip x5
  • F02 Signals strip x1
  • F12 Rifles x12
  • F30 LMG1 x12
  • F45 60mm Mortar x2


1 CHQ, with 4 platoons of 4 sections each headed by a PHQ.  Sections are the usual mix of Light machinegun team with complimentary rifle team.  Two 60mm mortars provide organic fire support.


Cast in pewter, supplied unpainted.

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