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Sd.Kfz. 181 or Panzerkampfwagon VI, commonly known as the Tiger. 

The Tiger's first combat deployment was around Lenningrad in August 1942 with 1. Kompanie Schwere Panzerabteilung 502 (1 Company, Heavy Tank Division 502.)  The Tiger also saw action in Tunisia, during the North Africa Campaign and on the Eastern and Western Fronts.

Tigers were used by ten whermacht divisions and three SS heavy tank battalions and the Grossdeutschland Panzer-Grenadier division.

Mid-war a Tiger tank company consisted of three platoons of four tigers.  A battalion consisted of 5 companies including a headquarters company!  59 Tigers per battalion.

This was later revised to 45 Tigers per battalion (HQ platoon with 3 Tigers, 3 companies with 2 HQ Tigers, and 3 four-tank platoons.

In Otto Caruis' memoirs, he states that in 1944, his company had only 6 tigers!

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