Panzer IV Ausf F2

Panzer IV Ausf F2

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Planned development of the F2 to have a 50mm gun that would be more suitable for use against tanks were scrapped after encounters on the Eastern front and instead, the F2 was armed with a 75mm gun.  Seeing service on the Eastern front and in North Africa.

In North Africa, the Commonwealth forces referred to these tanks as "mark 4 specials" due to their potent firepower.

The F2 were modified F1 variants.  When the factories finally began producing F2 models they were redesignated G.  Therefore, our F2 models can also be used as early G models.

The F2 was produced from February 1942 and ran to July 1942.

Pack contains 17 vehicles.


Company commander, 2nd in command.  3 Platoon leaders each leading 4 other panthers.