Sov Inf Blocking Detachment

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Turn your Soviet infantry company into a penal unit simply by adding this blocking attachment.  No more will your men turn tail and run from the facist invader because he will be gunned down by the heavy machine guns of the blocking detachment under the orders of the Komrade Commissar!  Their choice between Russian or German bullets really is a great motivator for when you need the most out of your men!

Penal units are great for making futile wave on wave attacks against enemy strong points or for clearing minefields quickly for more valuble troops.

The red banners bolster the will of the penal units immensely and remind the men their only way out of this terrible unit is to atone in blood for their crimes against the mercyless mother, the soviet union.

Composed of;

  • R101 political strip x4
  • R36 HMG x8

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