Sov Inf Submachine Gun Company Pack

Sov Inf Submachine Gun Company Pack

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Unique to the Soviet Union, the 4th company in a rifle battalion was armed with sub-machineguns exclusively.  This pack creates an SMG infantry company suitable for 1942 onwards.

  • R01 Command x4
  • R02 Signals x1
  • Female Medic x1
  • R20 SMG x18

Enough infantry to create an submachinegun infantry company with platoon and company HQ. (with historical under strength squads (8 man instead of 10), add 5xR20 SMG strips for full strength). 


1 Company HQ, 3 platoon HQ.  3 platoons, each with 3 squads of 8 men,  Each squad contains 2 SMG strips.