Stalin Line Bunkers Set 1

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Stalin Line Bunkers Set 1

This set of defenses are faithfully modelled on the Zwiahel Mina (Fortress) on the River Slucz at Novograd-Volynski.

Set contains 5 models total:

  • Block 101 (three maxim HMG)
  • Block 102 (three maxim HMG)
  • Block 100 (two maxim HMG)
  • Block 104 (two maxim HMG)
  • Block 103 (two 76.2mm anti tank guns)

Bunkers are "waterline" versions.  As bunkers would be mostly underground with firing openings close to the ground.  Dimensions: Largest bunker is 76x48mm including hill, smallest bunker is 26x23mm.

Models are cast resin, 285th scale and supplied unpainted.

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