Emu War & Volkssturm Released

New tax year, new releases.

Obviously, just need to mention Emu wars.  There is no accounting for taste as the old saying goes.  I have been casting nothing but emu all week.

The success has meant the product has gotten its own product label in record time and its even warranted its own collectable card.  Emu wars profits will help fund more WW2 stuff.


Now that that has been addressed, we can get back on track.


I have wanted to get these done for quite a while.  Least not because they are not available from anyone else as far as I know.  It is a very basic assortment of strips, that you can mix with strips from other units for a truly rag tag look.

These strips are a mix of obsolete and current military and police uniforms and civilian clothing.  With the changing of colours you can produce a myriad of looks from these figures.

(Note that the code on this product is incorrectly suffixed with E instead of G.)

G105 NCO/Auto


G102 Rifles


G108 Anti Tank


G100 HMG


Obviously the imaginative of you will see these figures would suit all sorts of other irregular forces, such as resistance/partisans and the Warsaw uprising.

Its possible these might get added to but for now, this is what you have.


JOY of 6

Lastly, I do intend to stand at the Jo6.  If you want to pre-order for the day, you can do so now by selecting "pick up" under delivery.

Thanks you everyone for the continued support.  Right now I have to go back to casting emu...  until next time.






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