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Update 10/06/2022

Hello, it has been too long.  I came to write this update and found this unreleased update, so I am releasing it now.


Sorry the orders are taking a couple of days longer than usual.  I have not been well but fear not, it wasnt covid or monky pox but just gout.  Isnt it great getting old...  So I have not been able to stand much and workshop activities are all done standing.

However, I am now much better but still sore so will be working this weekend to clear the current orders, which will all be dispatched Monday!

 So back to the previously mentioned unreleased news post...


New Shop Front

Welcome to the new shop front, I do hope you like it please let me know if something is not working.  A problem with a rare font type has been identified and corrected that stopped all text being displayed.

If you are having problems viewing the new web shop please email me and Ill get the tech wizard on the case.  Thank you to those who already have!


You Can Review

On the web shop you can now review products, please feel free to do so!  This helps other customers make informed purchasing decisions.  So its handy if you do a few, then in turn you all help each other.

You can also do a product review, on YouTube, on your blog, pretty much in any format you want and send it to me and Ill put it up in the reviews section.


Pre-Order for Joy of 6

By selecting pick up in check out you can pre-order and pick your goodies up at the Joy of 6.  I shall be taking PACKS ONLY to the show, so if you want specific strips and vehicles, be sure to pre-order!  You can order, books, scenics and miniatures.


New releases:

FJ-M2B Mounted Samurai with winged horo

These figures are wearing a winged horo and are based on the personal bodyguard of Oda Nobunaga.This design is not unique to just this bodyguard unit and you can put them in regular cavalry units for variety.

Wealthier samurai could afford horses and they rode them into battle. However, the feudal Japanese horse was short and stumpy and was not suited to the cavalry charges seen in Europe in the same period. Mounted samurai acted more like dragoons, riding then dismounting to fight. Later, foreign horses were bred with Japanese horses to create more suitable cavalry.

Each strip contains 2 mounted figures. Pack contains 12 strips.  24 Cavalry Figures total.

View Mounted Samurai with winged horo


B36 British HMG

British or commonwealth signals strip in dress suitable for the Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle East.

Strip comprises of 3 figures, 2 crewing the weapon and one observer.

View British HMG

Emu War

Just a reminder as there seems to be some confusion. Emu wars is a real product, you can buy it. Plenty of people have and god knows why!?  

Although, it was released on the 1st of April it was in fact a double joke... I suppose it worked too well.

You can now buy single strips and an emu reinforcement pack to... well, get more emu.

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