2020: A tale of 6mm Vikings, Samurai and Panzerbüchse

What a crazy year 2020 was! I was looking forward to standing at some shows last year, showing people my fine models and meeting some of you. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen because of the pandemic…

Even though the world seemed to have come to a standstill last year, 2D6 Wargaming has been blazing full steam ahead. Putting together this post made me realize what a busy year 2020 was and how much we’ve accomplished! In this post I will show what we did in 2020 and what our plans for 2021 are.

Let’s first take a look at 2020...

Dark Ages

Finishing the entire WW2 range would take too long so I decided to cover a smaller range first. And what's cooler than Vikings fighting Anglo-Saxons?!

Most 6mm figures are just standing and waiting. I wanted to do something different. That’s why all our figures are in fighting poses. Why? Well, because… they fought! We currently have a complete range of Vikings, Anglo-Saxons and scenics. All our scenics are made to fit our miniatures in true 6mm/1:285 scale.

We heard some very positive feedback from those that bought our Dark Ages miniatures. We have some Normans planned for 2021 (more about that later in this post) so those who want to play the Battle of Hastings or Stamford Bridge... have a few more months patience. It will be worth it. ;-)


Feudal Japan

Another new addition was the miniatures and scenics for the Sengoku Jidai, a period I have a personal interest in since I got back to 6mm. Feudal Japan is actually the reason 2D6 Wargaming started: with the release of the Banzai rules!

At the beginning of the year, 2D6 Wargaming bought the old 6mm Samurai walls and buildings from Mura Miniatures. All of these were completely digitally re-mastered and cast in resin with a few more buildings added later in the year.

Re-mastered model for the Feudal Japan range


Much of the year was spent creating sculpts for the figures. I wanted it to be the best and most comprehensive 6mm Samurai range so we kept adding more and more codes. Lacking the funds to put all of these into production at the same time, we decided to run a Kickstarter to help cover the costs of making the moulds.

Samurai on foot

Armed Peasants

The 6mm Samurai Kickstarter performed beyond our expectations and I’m very grateful for those who supported us. In the end, I managed to break even. The funds from the Kickstarter helps 2D6 Wargaming create more, as all profit goes straight back into making more models. I don’t make a penny!



Despite working on two new ranges, we didn’t forget about our WW2 range! We added a whole bunch of WW2 German infantry to fight the Soviets. These are great little models and I’m very happy with how these turned out. Again we made some poses that haven’t been produced in 6mm: the iconic light machine gun team in firing pose, Panzerbüchse 39 and signals with ‘donkey ears’.

German Light machine gun team in firing pose

For the Soviets we released eight strips of Soviet Naval infantry. The Naval Infantry contributed to the defense of Odessa, Moscow, Leningrad, Sevastopol, Stalingrad, Novorossiysk and Kerch. A great addition for any Soviet army in 6mm!

6mm/1:285 scale Soviet Naval infantry

Painting competition

We also held our first 2D6 Wargaming Painting Competition last year! Some incredible entries were sent in that show the high level of detail on our 6mm miniatures.

6mm/1:285 scale Soviets

That was 2020. What is coming in 2021?


Slowly we will add some more missing bits and pieces to our WW2 German and Soviet infantry ranges. For the Germans, we will release the Panzerfaust 81 and 120mm mortars. The Soviets will see the maxim HMG added for both regular and naval infantry. We expect to release these somewhere in the first half-year.

6mm/1:285 scale WW2 German 120mm mortar

German 120mm mortar

6mm Soviet Maxim MG
Soviet infantry (left) and sailors (right) Maxim HMG 

This year will also see the release of the Panzer IV types E, F1, F2, G and H. Development of these are well underway and we expect to add these to our catalogue in the upcoming six months.

The production moulds for the SU-85, SU-100, SU-122 and T34T models are finished and we expect to add these to the website very very soon.

6mm/1:285 scale WW2 Soviet T34T

WW2 Soviet T34T

6mm/1:285 scale WW2 Soviet SU85

WW2 Soviet SU-85

6mm/1:285 scale WW2 Soviet SU-100
WW2 Soviet SU-100

6mm/1:285 scale WW2 Soviet SU-122


But that’s not all! We are also working on the German Tiger tank (both early and late edition), German Kübelwagens, Molotov Line bunkers, and… a Battle for Crete Kickstarter!

The Battle for Crete Kickstarter contains German Fallschirmjäger, British infantry in tropical uniform and some more exciting new items. Our goal is to launch it around the summertime (so don't spend all your vacation money yet!).

The text of the long awaited WW2 rules “Battalion” is finished. We’ll be working on the layout of the rulebook the upcoming months and are aiming for a summer release.

If things go well we might also release some WW2 British infantry in regular uniform at the end of the year...

Dark Ages

In 2021 we will further expand our Dark Ages range with the Normans! The sculpts for the Normans have been commissioned a few months ago and are progressing well.

6mm Norman infantry


To get the Norman range released as fast and complete as possible we will launch another Kickstarter. We expect to launch the Norman 1066 Kickstarter in the upcoming three months. As with the Samurai Kickstarter, it will include miniatures, scenics and rules. 

Expect some unique new (character) poses that have never been made before in 6mm! These miniatures are perfect for anyone who has plans to do Hastings or Stamford Bridge in 6mm this year.

Feudal Japan

After the incredibly successful 6mm Samurai Kickstarter last November we got enough funds to produce the entire Feudal Japan range. Master moulds are being made as we speak and we hope to receive the first casts in about a month. We’ll first send out the miniatures to those who backed the Kickstarter, before adding them to the website in March. All is progressing as scheduled.

Preparing all the scenics for the Samurai Kickstarter is nearing completion


A Daimyo pack will be added to the range later this year. Maybe some more bits, dependent on how well the Feudal Japan range sells. So if you want to see more stuff, then buy lots of 6mm Samurai!


Impact of Brexit

Many of our EU customers have asked me what the impact of Brexit is on their future 2D6 purchases. From January 1, 2021, the rules for ordering something from a British webshop are the same as when you order something outside the EU, like China. This means that there is a chance that EU customers have to pay a customs handling or import duty fee. This depends on the EU country you live in.

All my prices are already without VAT so there will be no difference in price. My yearly turnover is much much less than the £85,000 limit where UK businesses are required to charge VAT. In fact, I've been operating at a loss for 2 years! :-(


Website improvements

Last but not least we further continue improving the website: better pictures, more painted examples, easier product navigation, etc. A lot of people have asked me to sell the miniatures in packs, so we’re slowly creating packed units for each range. These will be at a discounted price compared to the separate strips.



I would like to thank everybody who has helped 2D6 Wargaming in the last year: my fantastic sculptors, Sean for having me on his podcast, and all our customers who made a purchase last year. You help us bring more models to you in the best scale: 6mm!

Let’s make 2021 another great year for 6mm, despite all the lockdowns and other stuff.


Robert Fellows
2D6 Wargaming


Robert Fellows

Robert Fellows

It is possible but I hadn’t thought of it. I will add it to the SPAF list.

Bob Black

Bob Black

Received my KS order and very pleased (my last KS was about 3 years ago and all of us backers are still waiting for something). I’ve been into 6mm figures since the 1980s when I did the first reviews of Irregular Miniatures fledgling range, and reviewed other 6mm companies like the innovative Knight Designs.
Very pleased with these modern design pewter figures as well as the communications and service during the KS.
Many thanks
Bob Black (backer 41)



Are you planning on any smg/assault rifle troops for the ww2 Germans, cheers Kerry

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