A long time ago...

...in a distant workshop, shrouded in mystery and covered in a delicate veil of talc, a collection of long-forgotten molds awaited their moment of resurgence. Following the tremendous success of the Feudal Japan Kickstarter, an extraordinary new product was crafted, only to be left in obscurity, lost and abandoned. However, a small setback on a major batch of figures halted progress temporarily. But fear not, for the time has come to reignite the passion for creation!

If you happen to venture to either the UK Games Expo or the Joy of Six, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to acquire a pre-release army pack of Normans—a treasure that only a select few will possess. For those unable to attend, fret not, as the wait will be just a little longer.

The Normans bring to life the captivating era of the 2D6 Dark Ages and are available in various strips, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Norman Line 2 (N-L2): The backbone of the army, ensuring melee prowess.
  • Norman Archers (N-A): Expert marksmen armed with bows.
  • Norman Crossbow (N-X): Equipped with formidable crossbows.
  • Norman Standard (N-S): Commanders and banners, leading the way.
  • Norman Mounted Standard (N-MS): Proudly displaying flags for your mounted units.
  • Norman Mounted King (N-MR): The indomitable William the Bastard, a conqueror on horseback.

An army pack consists of approximately one-third infantry, one-third missile units, and one-third cavalry, totaling an impressive 101 strips per pack. Additionally, each strip can be acquired individually in packs of 12.

Take a glimpse at a couple of pictures to whet your appetite:

[N-M picture]

[N-MS picture]

Important Updates: Please note that pre-orders for the UK Games Expo Show are no longer available. However, I will have stock available in packs only! The show opens its doors to eager enthusiasts from Friday the 2nd of June and runs until Sunday the 4th of June at the NEC Birmingham. The tickets are priced at £44 for all three days, and while I'm unsure if there's a single-day pass, it's worth exploring.

A month later, on Sunday, the 2nd of July, I'll be at the Joy of Six in Sheffield, eagerly awaiting the presence of numerous passionate individuals. This event boasts excellent rail links for those who prefer not to drive, and the entrance fee is significantly more affordable!

Please be aware that these shows may cause a slight delay in processing web store orders, especially those from the Games Expo!

Price Adjustments: As much as I hesitate to deliver this news, it is inevitable that prices must rise. Our economic model demands perpetual growth, leaving us with no choice but to increase prices. A couple of years ago(?), when I began casting the range myself, I actually reduced prices by introducing packs. Unfortunately, this time around, the prices must be adjusted in the opposite direction. However, I assure you the increase will be modest, and the packs will continue to offer significant discounts.

These changes will not come into effect until after the Joy of Six. Why, you ask? It's simply because I've already priced a substantial amount of stock for these shows, and I wish to avoid repricing it all. Moreover, updating the website prices will require several evenings' worth of work. So, seize the opportunity to acquire your desired items now before the change takes effect!


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