Joy of 6 2023


Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Prepare yourselves for the most highly anticipated 6mm wargaming event of the year, it is fast approaching! Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity and remember to secure your pre-orders before this Sunday, the 25th, at midnight.

When you visit the 2D6 Wargaming stand, be sure to keep your eyes open for our exclusive early bird deals. These exceptional offers come with not one, but two price stickers! The second sticker represents an unbeatable price, tailored for your ultimate gaming pleasure. So don't hesitate to dive into these incredible deals.

Introducing the latest addition to our collection, the awe-inspiring Norman figures! These highly sought-after miniatures, capturing the essence of 1066 AD, will be available in limited quantities. Seize the chance to own these meticulously crafted masterpieces and bring history to life on your gaming table. Additionally, we'll be offering tantalizing sneak peeks of our upcoming products, providing you with a glimpse of the exciting future ahead.

We understand that many of you wish to support our mission but already have an extensive lead pile. That's where our brilliant solution comes in: why not start a porcelain pile instead? Our specially designed mugs will be available, allowing you to contribute to our cause without drawing the attention of the commanding officer at home. Use these mugs to savor your favorite beverage or conveniently clean your brushes during your painting sessions.

To ensure your gaming experience surpasses all expectations, we've expanded our stock twofold compared to last year. From Anglo-Saxons to Vikings, Normans to Feudal Japan, and World War 2, we've got it all! Our dedicated staff will be there to provide you with exceptional service if you can see us behind the pile of gaming treasures!

Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of 6mm wargaming. Mark your calendars, rally your friends, and join us at the upcoming event for an unforgettable experience. We can't wait to share this extraordinary journey with you!

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