American Airborne!
14th of April 2023

Following the post egg-hype weekend and the National holidays they contain I can bring a big announcement to you all.

The workshop was turned upside down over Easter to reemerge as a cleaner, more stream lined and efficient space.  Sweeping was done, things were moved and even a shelf went up.  Mental I know.  The new vulcaniser has been put to task, effortlessly creating some fantastic black rubber moulds and new products you can see below.

JOY of 6
Don't forget the Jo6, in Sheffield, is coming soon and you start placing orders for pick up at the show.  Simply switch at check out from delivery to pick up at the show.

Hot on the heels of this years British paratrooper releases I bring you the American airborne.

Click here to see them in store!

A03 - Command Strip

This product, the United States Airborne Infantry Company pack, is a must-have for wargaming enthusiasts and collectors alike. It offers a unique and historically accurate representation of the US airborne infantry company, complete with all the necessary components to recreate a 12-man squads that are armed to the teeth.

A03 - Signals

The pack includes strips for the command, signals, rifle, light machine gun, bazooka, and mortar teams, providing you with everything you need to represent a company at a practically 1:1 representation. With four command strips, one signal strip, twelve rifle strips, six light machine gun strips, four bazooka strips, and three mortar strips, you can easily recreate the intense and immersive gameplay of the US airborne infantry.

A12 - Rifle

One of the major advantages of this pack is its historically accurate representation of the US airborne infantry company's organization and armament. Due to the high likelihood of disorganization and separation during insertion, the US opted to place their support firepower into their platoons, rather than at higher levels. This means that American airborne squads were large 12-man squads armed to the teeth, with each company having its support integrated. This pack reflects that organization, providing a truly authentic representation of the US airborne infantry company.

A32 - LMG

Moreover, the pack is versatile enough to cater to both pre- and post-December 1944 squads. The pack contains enough weapons to make either order of battle, with the 1944 squad using only browning LMG and the post-December 1944 squad containing both BAR and browning LMG.

A43 - 50mm Mortar

 With its versatility, this pack is perfect for wargaming enthusiasts and collectors who want to add a touch of authenticity to their collection.

A55 - Bazooka

Click here to see them in store!

Click here to see them in store!


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