Short update 21/02/2023

We are all feeling the economic factors at play I am sure. War in the Ukraine has all the countries joining forces to embargo each other in a game of financial brinkmanship that cant be good for anyone...  But here we are, the simple commoners, manufacturer and hobbyist alike caught in the middle.

The royal mail has been cyber attacked either by organized criminals which may or may not have state funded by one of the opposition countries mentioned earlier.  I cant help but feel that good persons abroad from England consider that nothing is getting through so there is no point in ordering from the global wargaming capital.  Well nothing could be further from the truth!  Some manufacturers with much bigger work loads may be grumbling about sending things abroad because they cant be arsed to go through the manual process of using the online service which is unaffected but I can!  Cos I need every customer and every order just to survive, let alone to bring you new stuff!

I am having a bit of a crisis.  I've ran out of orders to process!  There are no live orders in the shop.  Null, zero, nada!  So come on down and pick yourself up some goodies and help support the war effort!  (wargaming effort, not an actual war).


What's more, as everyone is skint (broke) there is 10% off all orders to help ease the pain!  Discount applied automatically at checkout.  Free postage on orders over £40 in the UK and on orders over £69 world wide!  So what are you waiting for!

Ends Sunday 26th Feb 23.

(also Ive stuck R62 soviet gun crew in the shop but theres no photo yet)

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