A bold new chapter is emerging in the 2D6 Wargaming camp.  What the outcome of these decisions will be are still to echo back from the darkness of the unknown.

New Workshop
At great cost, over the last two months or so, I have been creating a dedicated private workshop for the manufacture, storage and packing of your orders.  This has caused some hiccups in the process and caused some delays.

This is now fully kitted out with dedicated work stations for each process and will be fully operational over this weekend.  This is a tremendous milestone for 2D6 and hopefully sees this adventure becoming my full time work.

New Releases!

The French Foreign legion figures have been well received and plenty of companies have been dispatched to the front.



The Crete KS has closed and the wheels of my tiny cottage industry are turning to deliver it to customers.  Although a December delivery date is advised I think it will actually be sooner.  It is still possible to add items from the shop to your KS with free postage for the next 2 weeks.

Forth Coming Releases:
Panzer IV E, G and H.
Fallschrimjaeger Infantry
British Infantry for North Africa and Med
German Motorcycle with side car
Soviet Motorcycle with side car

EU Stockist

Orders have re-opened for the EU because it covers not only the EU but also the channel islands.  Therefore you can once again order to the EU but expect customs charges if you do.

Alternatively, you can pick up 2D6 Wargaming products from Masters of Military in Germany which if you live inside the EU will not be subject to customs tariffs.

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