Kickstarter, Tiger and Christmas Sale

UPDATE: 23/11/2021


Kickstarter - 6mm Crete 1941

Despite the best efforts of the team, there were a few pieces I was not entirely happy with.  At further time and expense these have been re-done which has caused some delays.  Hopefully everything should be finalised for production this week and dispatch should start after that.  I have also had to devote some time to working my day job which has cost me a week.  Overall, despite set backs, it is still on schedule for December release.


The tiger is now available and all pre-orders were dispatched yesterday.  Some of you have been waiting quite a while and so every one got some extra depending on how many they had ordered.


Christmas Sale

Its that time of year again!  Everyone loves a bargain, so lets have a sale.  It will start Friday the 26th and run through to Monday the 29th (to allow those on later time zones who are still on Sunday to not be caught out).

If you have backed a Kickstarter reward you can save on postage by adding your Sale order to it by using the "pick up" feature instead of the postage/shipping button.  look out for it at checkout just before you pay.


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