Christmas 2021 Update

I am in a writing mood and so I give you an update, I really don't make enough of these.  I really cant bring myself to do updates unless there really is something to say. 

Firstly, thank you to everyone who made purchases this year, backed the Crete Kickstarter and filled their goody bags with the Christmas sale!  You are contributing to something great and I really want to expand the ranges and create great products for you.

The Crete Kickstarter

Many of you know I am very enthusiastic and can make great gains in what I'm doing.  Much like in the Stalingrad board I made and documented on YouTube.  One minute I say it will take months, the next minute its finished.  

I took on the Crete Kickstarter with the same enthusiasm.  However, as all wargamers know the old maxim goes;  "Plans don't survive first contact with the enemy."  Of course, the customers are not the enemy.  I've experienced, for one reason or another, things I am not happy with.  This has caused significant delays in the Kickstarter.  Mostly because each process has bottlenecks.  3D printing and making a master are big bottlenecks, where many pieces are needed  to continue economically.

I am passionate about 6mm wargaming and do not ascribe to the 3 foot rule.  I strongly believe that 6mm should look good at any distance and I want to provide the best I can.

Crete Kickstarter moulds has taken longer than I thought and I'm disappointed that I'm not yet delivering it.  So, although I have used the Star Trek "Scotty Method", of applying 1.5 the amount of time, it seems I am using that time up.  Which is a great concern to me.  Rest assured I have been working 7 days a week to deliver for you.  This has not been easy in the current climate, the workshop is unheated and uninsulated.  This needs to be fixed.

However, I shall prevail!  Where there is a will there is a way.  Here are some pictures of things you didn't see in the Kickstarter.  The reason why you didn't see them is because they didn't exist.  We had been working on the Crete KS since January 2021.  

Drop Canisters and Chutes

Light Tank Mark VIb

I hope these images sate the KS backers thirst for blood and reinforces in you the confidence I shall deliver.

Forthcoming releases

As mentioned above, bottlenecks are part of the nature of casting and developing products.  Therefore, in parallel other products have filled the space in these bottlenecks to create other products that were in parallel development. 

I have lots of masters that have passed the 1st trial and have been converted to tin but are not a priority right now.  These include the Panzer IV H and of course when the Kickstarter is delivered the rest of you can feast upon the goodness of the new "shiney stuff", the Fallschirmjäger and the Mediterranean/Summer dressed British Empire Troops.  There is also some Feudal Japan and Normans on the way.

When these will be released is to be determined but when ready I shall update you.

There are also some pieces I want to revisit, for better cast-ability, productivity and customer satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied with any pieces you receive, get in contact with me and if you can send photographs for better product delivery in the future.

The Christmas Sale

Thanks to everyone who bought in the Christmas sale.  This has helped immensely and despite the discount it allows the business to grow.  Especially thank you to those who doubled down on the Kickstarter and showed your belief in me and 2D6 Wargaming.  I am trying hard to get all orders out in time for Christmas but I'm not in control of all things.  I am doing my best.

Slowey but surely I am able to devote much more time to this and to grow the ranges to a point where I can be a serious contender within the 6mm scene and each and every customer has contributed to this.  I thank you all.

So, to the new year which quickly approaches, although I have many obligations outstanding in this year, the future is bright and I look forward to delivering great things in the best scale there is in the new year.

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