Green On!

I am pleased to bring you the first releases of 2023.

The great cold winter struggle has arrived.  Its typically 4c in the workshop lately but temperatures have plunged to 0!  So it has not been fun.  The lead time has increased a little due to this.  I do apologise but I didn't get out of one job affected by the elements as an exchange.  Your orders are being processed, just bare with me.

Royal mail has been hacked and are not accepting international packages but i think this will be resolved shortly.  This means some international orders are delayed.  Some of these have been marked dispatch!  If it takes much longer I shall seek alternative passage for your reinforcements.

There is a load of new stuff coming this year and I'm hoping to bring a lot more than last year.  I still have lots of stuff that's 90% done but sitting around that need to be released as well as new projects being commissioned.  The decks will be cleared!  So this year you should check up on this site for some great releases!

So, with not much to tell you... Here's the;


B03 - Click here!

Command with a mix of head gear and weapons.  Customary pointy and binocular poses!


B04 - Click here!

Signals with R/T, wireless and carrier pigeon with wicker basket. 


B08 - Click here!

Messengers on the folding bike and the motorised welbike.


B12 - Click here!

Rifle groups in the airborne contained a marksmen which is quite interesting.


B32 - Click here!

Bren gun group as well as a 2" Mortar man.


B55 - Click here!

PIAT and flamethrower.


BDC - Click here!

British Drop Canisters

 All available very conveniently as a company pack, fully researched and put together for you.

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